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December 2023 Newsletter

God is at work in and through us. We had so very much to be thankful for during November.  Our faith, our families, and our fellowship that was so rich! From our outreach ministering at a local grade school to the wonderful Thanksgiving feast in the park, we were blessed by our Father’s favor. PleaseContinue reading “December 2023 Newsletter”

How Far Would You Travel?

Historical facts around the birth of Jesus, the Messiah, include Matthew’s recounting of the wise men from the East who followed the Star of Bethlehem to worship the new King of the Jews. Would you travel almost 1,000 miles on a camel with no other directions? How far would you go to find the Messiah?

Learning to Fear and Trust God

Looking for churches in Peoria, AZ that provide in-depth Bible teaching? Dr. Stephen Isaac digs deeply into God’s word and presents it in context with direct application to our daily lives. This series, “Now I Know”, examines the life of Abraham, and his faith-testing journey from Abram to Abraham, the father of many nations.

Reunion Nov. 2023 Newsletter

Wow! Was the 40 incredible or what!  God is present in the worship and prayer of His people.  We are so grateful for the miraculous work He is doing in our midst.  When the Holy Spirit stirs our hearts and moves our spirits, we respond in faithfulness, because we know who He is, and that He goes before us.

October 2023 Newsletter

God is at work in and through us Life is bursting at the seems at our Christian community church in Peoria, AZ.  Why? We believe that every person that calls the Reunion Church home has been uniquely gifted by God, and is called to use their gifts in serving so that the Body of ChristContinue reading “October 2023 Newsletter”

Non-Denominational Bible Study Near Me

Searching non-denominational Bible study near me? Great news! The Reunion Church, a non-denominational Christian church located in Peoria, AZ, offers small group Bible study across the Phoenix metro area.

The Power of Faith

Abram’s story in Genesis 12-22 is indeed the story of faith, faithfulness, and learning to righteously fear and trust God. The story restores within us the reality that Abraham the patriarch and paragon of faith that we read of in the book of Hebrews struggled, just like we do. He struggled to reconcile God’s promises for the future with very difficult in-the-moment experiences requiring complete trust and faithfulness to God.

Faith in God – The Journey from Abram to Abraham

This week, as we continue to learn about faith in God, we delve into Week Two of our sermon series titled “Now I Know: Faith, Faithfulness, and Learning to Righteously Fear and Trust God.”  We explore the pivotal moment when God called Abram to leave his homeland and family to become a stranger in the land of Canaan.

At the age of 75, Abram exercised faith in God, and embarked on his incredible journey of faith, taking with him his wife, Sarai, and his nephew, Lot. It’s this decision to bring Lot along that intrigues us. Why did Abram make this choice? Read more…

Sept. 2023 Newsletter

August was genuinely awesome. Dr. Stephen Isaac led us with deep Bible study on the Holy Spirit. We welcomed Pastor Wayne Singh from Capetown, South Africa.  Ron Wolfley, former Pro Bowl player and voice of the Arizona Cardinals, Joshua Ward from Partners in Action, and athletes, coaches, students, and teachers from around the Valley joinedContinue reading “Sept. 2023 Newsletter”

Now I Know

This Bible teaching is from the story and study of Abraham, the man that the Bible calls “the father of faith.” We are going to consider the defining moments of Abraham’s faith in God. We will answer the questions surrounding his faithfulness to God in those defining moments, and how he learned to righteously fear and trust God – culminating in his final test in what historic Hebraic tradition calls the “The Aqedah or, The Binding.”