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Why Tithe?
Because Your Generosity Has


Sharing a tithe or offering at the Reunion Church is not a “have to”, it’s a “get to”. It is an opportunity to give a gift to God in response to His many gifts to us. It is also an opportunity to exercise both faith and obedience, and then watch God work in miraculous ways.


Tithes and offerings offered to God through the Reunion Church support life-changing ministries that transform communities, schools, families, friends, and own hearts. Ministry at the Reunion Church includes global, digital, and inner-city outreach, hospital rooms, living rooms, prayer rooms, and even locker rooms.


Loving God and ministering His love to others is the DNA the Reunion Church is made of. Rest assured that when you give, God will bless your gift, and Reunion will steward it as a gift from God.


Thank you for your faithful response to God’s Word. May He bless your gift and you abundantly for His service.

Ways to share tithes & offerings



PayPal is a secure online giving platform.  You don’t have to have a PayPal account, just a debit or credit card.



Zelle is another safe, convenient way to give.  Most banks offer Zelle as a payment option.  The Reunion Church’s Zelle account is listed as info@thereunionchurch.life

in person

Check or cash

Many people still prefer to tithe or give offerings using a check or with cash.  You can give in person or through the mail.

The Reunion Church is an IRS-recognized non-profit organization.  Our non-profit tax ID is # 20-4599445. The Reunion Church will provide a donation acknowledgment letter for tax purposes at the end of each calendar year.

God Doesn't Need Our Money

He Knows generosity changes us

David's Testimony of God's Faithfulness

David's wife was ill, and David was focused on mounting hospital bills instead of God's faithfulness. As David grew in faith and learned what God's Word says about the believer's call to tithe, he recognized God's faithful response to our faithfulness.

Diana Learned About Cheerful Giving

Diana's grandmother was so excited about faithfulness to biblically tithe. She knew it was an opportunity to show God how much we love and trust Him through cheerful giving. Diana learned through her faithful example. Practicing cheerful giving reminds Diana of how much her Heavenly Father loves her - more than the flowers of the field!

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