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May 2023 Newsletter

Bible teaching church Peoria AZ, Bible study for adults, teaching on prophecy
Bible study for adults, new Bible study classes,


     Wow! Wasn’t April full of blessings!  From the deep, profound journey of Holy Week to worshiping and discussing revival with Chuck Girard, strong biblical teaching, confession of faith through baptisms, a baby dedication, and of all things, even a drive-through BBQ! 

     April was full of joyful moments and opportunities to grow in faith and grace.   And April is not even over – mark your calendar for the upcoming Dessert Theatre and the 5th Sunday Pit Boss BBQ.  More info is below in the newsletter.
     In May, we are looking forward to new Bible studies for adults, and the powerful music ministry of Gordon Mote on Sat. May 6th. Gordon was born blind, but by the age of three, his parents knew he was a musical prodigy.  Today Gordon is a multiple Grammy and Dove Award nominee and session musician for artists like Alan Jackson, George Strait, Lionel Richie, and Carrie Underwood, to name a few. Now, Gordon shares his musical talents in churches, where he beautifully communicates His love of Christ to a world in need of hope.  Be sure to mark your calendar and download your free concert tickets HERE.

Bible teaching church Peoria AZ, Bible study for adults, teaching on prophecy

Dr. Stephen Isaac, Senior Pastor, the Reunion Church

The Movement  – A Righteous Revolution 

(Amos Five / Joel Two)

First, let’s start by with an inductive premise followed by a deductive conclusion. The world is positioned for what we call a “perfect storm”.  By “perfect storm”, I mean that the global climates for civil, social, cultural, political, and economic platforms are unstable and unsustainable across the board. Civil and social unrest and divide are presently unsustainable, and cultural and political corruption, greed, and immorality are also unsustainable, leaving global economic viability on the brink of failure, or, if you prefer – collapse. We are on the precipice of either “the” Biblical end-times, or the greatest global re-set in the history of mankind.  On the surface, that seems a bit gloomy for a Sunday morning, but then again, this is 2023. We have just lived through the greatest global power shifts that any of us have ever seen in our lifetime. For example; control what the people know, and what is known about them (information and narrative), control where the people can go (fuel and energy), and finally, control what the people can own and access (property, food, and healthcare). These control mechanisms, if not fully implemented, are already in place. Do not think conspiracy or politics – think Biblical So, in Biblical context, what seems to be the end of all things is in fact, the beginning of all things – God of the paradox. With God, what was thought to be a gloomy and hopeless premise and conclusion can, in reality, be all joy and hopeful – good news. If you are struggling, let me help you get there with this…


2 Timothy 3:1-5
But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. 2 For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, 4 treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. 


Matthew 24:4-14
And Jesus answered them, “See that no one leads you astray. 5 For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and they will lead many astray. 6 And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet. 7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are but the beginning of the birth pains.  

9 “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and put you to death, and you will be hated by all nations for my name’s sake. 10 And then many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another. 11 And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. 12 And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. 13 But the one who endures to the end will be saved. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. 


1 Thessalonians 5:4-8

But you are not in darkness, brothers, for that day to surprise you like a thief. 5 For you are all children of light, children of the day. We are not of the night or of the darkness. 6 So then let us not sleep, as others do, but let us keep awake and be sober. 7 For those who sleep, sleep at night, and those who get drunk, are drunk at night. 8 But since we belong to the day,


let us be sober, having put on the breastplate of faith and love, and for a helmet the hope of salvation.

Having made the relevant connection or crossable bridge between these Biblical texts and our current reality, we need to remember two critical truths. One, God’s Word does not change. And two, God’s world, however, changes in every generation. Amos and Joel are two ancient prophets whose voices and message has not changed and yet, remain purposeful and appropriate for our ever-changing times. Their writing is relative and should resonate within the lives of followers of Christ, and believers everywhere. Nothing in the past 2,500 years has made their messages obsolete. Amos and Joel represent a movement toward God, a righteous revolution against evil and godlessness, if you will. Not even the present-day practice of re-defining and re-writing Biblical context and Scriptural narrative can change the eternal truth of these two ancient voices. Both can be interpreted seamlessly into present-day reality, without ignoring the original context or disrupting the intended meaning. Yes, Amos and Joel can and must still be heard. We must hear and listen to their un-compromised message of right and righteous covenant relationship with God, the urgent call of fidelity to the order and authority of His eternal and sovereign Word, and the intense appeal to establishing and maintaining a genuine habitation for the presence of Holy Spirit within us.


Israel had existed for nearly two hundred years as a separate kingdom (Northern and Southern) when Amos emerged with a strong message of condemnation and correction from God. The prophet addressed the political, social, religious, moral, and ethical problems of that society. Amos called for repentance, justice, righteousness, and purity. And, twenty-six hundred years later, here we are. Sound relevant enough?

Amos chapter five, calls spiritually compromised and sterile leaders and congregations to turn their self-awareness and appropriation into a genuine love for the righteousness of Christ Jesus and to return to a principled and knowledgeable practice of Biblical fidelity. Amos beckons the capable and influential to do right by the wounded and disadvantaged, and, more importantly, to do right by God, who in His mercy called us His very own. He says, “Seek good, and not evil, that you may live; and so the Lord, the God of hosts, will be with you. Seek Him and live.”


In three short chapters (four in Hebrew), Joel gives a contextual (specific) word picture of how the prophets understood and implemented God’s judgment, apocalyptic events, and the future of His people. Even for its brevity, more than any other book of the Bible, Joel is the book of the Day of the LORD.


So, regardless of the obstacles of time, passage, and language, Joel chapter two, calls those who are overwhelmed by the great human struggle and the tragic events and circumstances of life to seek remedy and hope through the regenerative love and power of Creator God. Joel’s words remain a profound “go-to” perspective on the presence of God, and the downloading of the Holy Spirit into the lives of those who sincerely and humbly seek Him. He says, “And it will come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions. And, everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”


My prayer is, regardless of your age or status in life, you will join us to seek understanding and full engagement into what God is saying and doing in our day. We seek we find, we pray we hear, we study we learn. This includes our Sunday morning gatherings and our Bible studies for adults, youth, and children. Our families and those we love depend on this. There is indeed an urgent and intense movement toward God and His Word; a righteous revolution that is now happening around the world. From the beginning to the end to the new beginning of a world without end – the movement has always been to God and His Word, powered by the presence of His Holy Spirit.


God’s Peace to You,


Dr. Stephen Isaac – The Reunion Church


Bible study for adults near Peoria AZ

Whether it is adult Bible studies near Peoria AZ or Valleywide in our small group settings, we invite you to join us as we study God’s Word deeply.  Find out more about ways to grow at the Reunion Church HERE.   Please also stay connected on our social media where we post encouraging devotionals, event updates, prayer requests, and more.


Published by Dr. Victoria Isaac

Dr. Isaac has been involved in Christian ministry for over three decades. She has served as an adjunct professor at several Christian universities, created Christian leadership courses, and written course curricula, and now serves as the President of the Fully Equipped Bible Institute.

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