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February 2023 Newsletter

2023 For The Reunion Church Series

God is at work
in and through us.


We are so very grateful for the faithfulness and grace of God over the Reunion Church and the wonderful people God has called to be a part it.  His faithfulness and grace include providing wisdom and direction when we seek Him for it.  As a result of several months of seeking God for His vision and purposes for the Reunion Church in 2023, we are so excited to share the “Holy Spirit” download that we have been given.

Pastor Steve Isaac will unpack this exciting vision in his new teaching series simply titled “2023 for the Reunion Church” starting Sunday, January 22, 2023.  “Casting the Deeper and Wider Net”, “Enlarging the Tent – Stretching Out the Curtain”, “Living in the 5.2.1”, and “Fully Equipping” are titles of the segments in this series.  We highly encourage you to be present for this series, because this vision includes all of us who call the Reunion Church home.  We hope to see you on this Sunday!

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The Reunion Church, Senior Pastor Steve Isaac


Greetings Reunion!

I want to share a brief snippet of what the Lord has graciously given me to share.  During my prayer and quiet time over the last two months of 2022, the Lord began to “Holy Spirit download” the vision template of 2023 for the Reunion Church. This template came with both clarity and confirmation from within and without. Meaning simply that God used visible signs, trusted relationships, solid foundations from the past, and most importantly an expanded understanding of the sudden impact of the living and written Word of God.

The Visible Signs came from watching and hearing (eyes to see – ears to hear) the global movement towards Biblical teaching, apostolic traditions, discipleship training; and the call of God to Christian leaders from nation to nation to rise and respond to the Holy Spirit’s pull and engagement of people everywhere. This Spirit-led movement is gaining momentum day by day, and does not need the devices and strategies of men to reach it’s purposed outcome.

This movement is not detoured or diminished by cultural, governmental, or systemic opposition. God is at work – the visible signs are everywhere.


Trusted Relationships that God has protected, nurtured, and used in my life for years were all sensing and experiencing the same Spirit-driven downloads. Many had already began converging around what the Spirit was revealing and were actively using their leadership and influence to rise and respond. When God speaks His leaders and influencers should listen. When God is speaking the same thing at the same time to the same people He is unifying, confirming, and revealing Himself for the unstoppable, unmovable, and non-negotiable purposes of His kingdom.


What I heard over and again from those trusted relationships was this; Ninety-five percent of Christian pastors, teachers, and leaders around the world have no formal Biblical education or training. We must rise and respond to teach, equip, disciple, and train these Christian leaders and influencers with the ordered, authoritative, inspired, and eternal Word of God; using reliable and time-tested Biblical principles, sound and steadfast Biblical doctrines, accurate and contextual Biblical interpretation, and finally, communicating a right and righteous Biblical theology. All this for the purpose making disciples, equipping the saints, and making ready for the Kingdom of Heaven.


2023 is the Lord’s and all that is in it! This includes the community and ministry of Reunion Church – we are His Church, called by His name!


Serving together,

Dr. Stephen Isaac
Pastor – The Reunion Church

Published by Dr. Victoria Isaac

Dr. Isaac has been involved in Christian ministry for over three decades. She has served as an adjunct professor at several Christian universities, created Christian leadership courses, and written course curricula, and now serves as the President of the Fully Equipped Bible Institute.

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