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3 – Morning After

Reading: Isaiah 60:1-15, 61:1-9, Mathew 27:62-66


The concept of the “morning after” is an interesting one. Let’s use it in the context of someone having done something for us way beyond what was expected or deserved. In the light of the morning after, it is always humbling and almost embarrassing when someone we love sacrifices for us. Or, when someone goes to great measures to do something extraordinary and exceptional to show how much they love us. We usually think… “I can’t believe think they thought enough of me to do something so caring and gracious.”

Yet, as we know, Jesus was thinking of you and I when He put all those 3’s together and made the greatest sacrifice for you and I. And yes, He came into the world for the sake and salvation of everyone, I know in my heart He was thinking of all – when He died for all.  But when my mind has cleared itself from the shadowy darkness and sorrow of what Jesus did on Friday; and I can shade my eyes enough to see into the daylight of the morning after, I feel broken and embarrassed that He did something so extraordinary and exceptional for me.

I think, who am I to deserve such love?

Well, in spite of my sometimes-inflated sense of self-worth I (without God) am unfortunately nothing more than mere dust and clay… I am one who has sinned against His own master.  But by grace there is a morning after. Through His sacrifice of love, there are indeed miracles in this time of need!  There is undeserved mercy like no other!  There is amazing grace beyond all reason!  There is time for our soul to wake up and come out of our sleep and be filled with awe and wonder. While there is still time to give thanks and humble ourselves, we should do just that. Bow low and fall down at the feet of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  We should sing to Him a new song of thanksgiving; and should not sing that same old song that no longer has any meaning or life.  We should acknowledge His complete sovereignty, and that He has suffered in our place.  The servant sinned – the Master took the punishment; the servant made the mistake – the Master took the blame; the servant stole – the Master replaced what was taken; the servant owed a debt – but the Master paid for it in full.  He was beaten for what He did not do; sold and betrayed so that we might be free. He was bound so that our bonds might be broken.  He was crowned with thorns so that we might receive the crown of life.  They called Him King on a Sunday, only to mock Him on a Friday, so that you and I might come into His Kingdom.  His lost sheep has been found! He is our Great Shepherd!  He has called to Himself the ones like us who have been rejected! He has restored life to the ones like us who were once dead in our trespasses and sin!  We are not alone! He has redeemed and resurrected us all – the fallen ones; He is our strength; He has sacrificed for our weakness… so that in Him we may be strong.


Since Jesus obviously had a choice, and with it He chose you. Can you take a few moments to process some of the realities of being His choice?

As the COVID “stay home” protocol continues please identify some smart and practical ways that you could honor Christ for what He did for you by serving others?

If Christ is our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption, it is clear that He is also our peace and is our rest. As He Himself says, “Come to Me, all that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” He also says that the Sabbath, which means rest, was made for man; for only in Jesus Christ will the human race find rest… The Philokalia

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