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Triumph – Palm Sunday

The gravity of Jesus’ Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem – I don’t know if it is something that you may ever have had much consideration for. I mean, maybe more the “seeming contradiction” of Jesus’ Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem is more fitting. Let’s be honest, Jesus was about to be betrayed and denied by those closest to him, rejected by his own people, and ultimately put to death for nothing more than Loving, forgiving, and healing those that he encountered. Is Triumphant really the correct term here? Sure, he was well received on this day. I had one of my favorite times preparing last year’s Palm Sunday message on Hosanna (I guess I loved it more than pastor Steve though, because he cut me back from an hour last year to 10 minutes this year). Anyway, I learned about the term Hosanna and the depths of its meaning. Direct translation is “Save, we pray” and essentially in context of the Psalms where the term originates it means, “I pray, Eternal God, open me, free me, make me safe, I pray now, Eternal God, push me forward to break out into prayer!” Boom! So, it was a big deal that this term was bestowed upon Jesus on this day. However, it would become evident very soon that at the signs of adversity, this Jesus was anything but Triumphant to the people who had so recently welcomed him. We figuratively cry Hosanna to Jesus on Sunday, but do we continue to do so when he chooses to die – when he calls us to die? Jesus calls us to forgive our enemies and neighbors, to reserve our judgment, to Love. The world at times will interpret this as defeat. We must learn to see where Triumph truly is. Triumph is revealed in Love as Love is revealed in triumph.


Triumph is

Well triumph is an act, it is also a feeling

It is the deafening voice you cannot contain, and so you turn to kneeling

And it’s the thought that is reeling, entombed within the feeling

And triumph is

Well triumph is a man, it is also a healing

It is the hand that overturns the table, it is your conscience stealing

And it is the stolen feeling, that is forgotten in the healing

Triumph is

The poor in spirit

The good news of the gospel and those chosen to hear it

Those who mourn

The fears and doubts, the lives scratched and torn

The blessed meek

The hungry and the thirsty, and those that seek

The merciful

The one despised and cursed for all

The pure in heart

The remembered sentiment of a fateful start

The peacemakers

The kind, the humble, the true earth shakers

You see, triumph is

A sword that divides, it’s double edged and it hides, it attacks, and it decides

And it is relentless, bathed in repentance

It cannot concede

Victory its definition, sin in remission

Again, triumph is

The one among the ninety-nine, the one that is pruned amidst the vine,

And outside time, the undercurrent of the rhyme

We find, that we are sought

Much more than that, we are bought

By triumph

It is the elation of a child, Hosanna!

It is the provision of heaven, the Manna

One and the same, and so He remains,

He seeks, He finds, and yes, He claims


And triumph is

Well triumph is a command, and too it is an event

A Love given without demand, a Love born in consent

Consent to a journey with a cross to bear

Consent to a life that enters despair

In Triumph

It is light, it is good, it’s the fight that we would

Dare to be honest and open and true

Dare to believe something more than just “you”

Dare to be gentle

Dare to forgive

Past sentimental

Dare to just live

In triumph

You see triumph is Jesus

His teaching

His Love

Triumph is reaching

Down from above

With no discrimination, no prejudice, no trial

Triumph is reaching past your denial

Past your heartache

And past your doubt

Past your pain

Just let it out

Shout today

Shout out his name

Shout out in triumph

In Jesus proclaim


Open me, free me, help me break out

Eternal God, to You do I shout


It is triumph

Published by Dr. Victoria Isaac

Dr. Isaac has been involved in Christian ministry for over three decades. She has served as an adjunct professor at several Christian universities, created Christian leadership courses, and written course curricula, and now serves as the President of the Fully Equipped Bible Institute.

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