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Meditations for the Daily Journey – Saturday

Traveling Mercies

Father God, it is in times like these that we test and build our own faith in You. There are moments where it seems as if we cannot find or feel you; yet we know You are there. Our fears are at war with the truth that we know. Our doubts fight against the promises You have given us. All around us we are continually told that You are not real, or no longer alive; yet this yearning deep within us pulls us to you, reminding us that You are the only true life we will ever know. Lord, we know that You are alive, and by Your Spirit lead us to the place You want us to go. In that place O Lord, let us hear Your voice, and listen to Your words. It is there with You that we remember that You did not forget – all is not lost, for the whole world is kept within Your hands. We are also reminded to patiently wait on You, for joy does truly come in the morning! This restless night will end, and we who wait will see Your glory and know the full power of the resurrection of Your Son, Jesus Christ! …Amen


Thinking of Us – Taking Our Place… Yes, it is true, Jesus was thinking of you and I when He made His great sacrifice. And yes, He came into the world for the sake and salvation of all, and He was thinking of all – when He died for all. And that would mean that He suffered and died for us, for certainly we too, are one of His “all.” But, who am we and what am we? Well, in spite of our inflated sense of self worth we (without God) are unfortunately nothing more than mere ashes and clay… one who had sinned against His own master. But by grace, in His sacrifice of love there are indeed miracles beyond belief! There is undeserved mercy like no other! There is amazing grace beyond all reason! So wake up soul! Come out of your sleep, and be filled with awe and wonder. While there is still time, wake up, and humble yourself. Bow low, and fall down at the feet of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Sing to Him a new song of thanksgiving; do not sing that same old dead song that no longer has any meaning or life. Acknowledge His complete sovereignty, and that He suffered in our place. The servant sinned – the Master took the punishment; the servant made the mistake – the Master took the blame; the servant stole – the Master replaced what was taken; the servant owed a debt – but the Master paid for it in full. He was beaten for what He did not do; sold and betrayed so that we might be free. He was bound so that our bonds might be broken. He was crowned with thorns so that we might receive the crown of life. They called Him King, only to mock Him so that we might come into His Kingdom. His lost sheep has been found! He is our Great Shepherd! He has called to Himself the ones like us who were rejected! He has restored life to the ones like us who were once dead! But we are not alone! He has redeemed and resurrected us all – the fallen ones; He is our strength; He has sacrificed for our weakness… so that in Him we may be strong.

Daily Bread

(Please Read)

Matthew 27:62-66

Isaiah 60:1-15 61:1-9

Psalm 31:1-5

Pondering the Path

  • How does it change your perspective, knowing more intimately what Jesus experienced while here on this earth and what He did He did just for you?
  • Since He had a choice, and with it He chose us. Can you take a few moments to reflect on your thoughts of being His choice?
  • List some specific ways that in turn you could honor Christ with your life for what He has done for you?

The Father’s Wisdom

“Through the gift and sacrifice of My Son you have wisdom and truth, righteousness and sanctification, provision and redemption. In all of this you can find rest, comfort, peace and hope! Listen My child as He says to you, “Come to Me, all that struggle and are overwhelmed, and I will give you rest.” Today I want you to rest, rest not only in Me but rest in knowing what I am doing for you because of who I am.”

Published by Dr. Victoria Isaac

Dr. Isaac has been involved in Christian ministry for over three decades. She has served as an adjunct professor at several Christian universities, created Christian leadership courses, and written course curricula, and now serves as the President of the Fully Equipped Bible Institute.

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