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Easter church services Peoria AZ


Easter Services at the Reunion Church in Peoria, AZ provide a wonderful opportunity to retrace the footsteps of the Messiah during His last week on earth.  His words and actions were deliberate and filled with meaning that illustrate His Lordship, His great sacrifice, and overwhelming love for us.  Don’t miss a moment of growing closer to Jesus during this journey of faith. 

Let's journey together this holy week
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PALM SUNDAY – [Hoh-shah]

Sun. Apr. 2, 2023

10:30 AM – Worship Room

Childcare is available.

9 AM classes as normally scheduled.


Matthew 21:1-5

On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey to celebratory shouts of Hosanna! Save us!  Just days later, the celebratory crowd was an angry mob, shouting “Crucify Him, crucify Him!”

PALM SUNDAY, Easter services Peoria AZ


Weds. Apr. 5, 2023

6:30 PM – Pavilion and Plaza

Community Gathering, Potluck Dinner, and Traditional Seder Celebration

No classes or childcare available.


Matthew 26:6-13

Six days before Passover, Jesus was dining at the home of Lazarus whom he had raised from the dead.  As he was reclining at the table, Mary broke a flask of very expensive oil and poured it over Jesus’ head.  She was scolded, but Jesus defended her, stating that she anointed his body beforehand for burial.

Bethany Meal


The Supper, the Commands, and the Servant

Thurs. Apr. 6, 2023

7 pm – Worship Room

No childcare available.


Luke 22:7-38

The Last Supper occurred on the first day of Passover, also called the Festival of Unleavened Bread.  During this final Passover meal of Jesus’ earthly life, Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. During dinner, he broke the bread and shared the wine, explaining that His body was the bread that would be broken, and the wine His blood that would be poured out for the forgiveness of sins.

Maundy Thursday Holy Week services Peoria AZ


Three Crosses, Three Nails, and the Three Final Words of Jesus

Friday Apr. 7, 2023

6:00 pm – Worship Room

Childcare is available for birth through Pre-K.


Matthew 27:1-61

By early Friday of Holy Week, Jesus had been betrayed, arrested, mocked, and brutally beaten. The chief priests and elders wanted him crucified, so he was sent to Pilate, the governor.  The crowd howled at Pilate to crucify Jesus, so he had Jesus flogged and handed him over to be crucified.  His hands and feet were nailed to a cross by Roman soldiers.  By 3pm He was dead. At His last breath, the Temple veil was torn in two, holy people were raised to life, and an earthquake shook the city.  He was buried in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea and a massive stone rolled over the entrance to the tomb

Good Friday services Peoria AZ


Sunday, April 9th, 2023

6 am Sunrise Gathering – Christ is Risen!

Pavilion & Plaza

No childcare available for the Sunrise Gathering.

9:00 am – Complimentary Continental Breakfast on the Plaza

Coffee, juice, fresh fruit, muffins, bagels, & doughnut holes

9:30 am – Children’s Egg Hunt – Outdoors

10 am – Childcare is available for birth through Pre-K.

10:15 am – Plaza Prayer  & Blowing of the Shofars

10:25 am – Resurrection Celebration & Baptism Gathering – Worship Room

The Resurrection: Living to Die – Dying to Live

Childcare is available.  There are no 9 am classes.


Matthew 28

Saturday was the Sabbath – it was still and filled with sorrow.  At dawn after the Sabbath, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to the garden tomb. A violent earthquake shook the ground as an angel of the Lord rolled back the stone.  The angel told the women not to be afraid, that Jesus was risen from the dead!  The angel instructed them to go quickly and tell the disciples.  On the way, Jesus greeted them and they worshipped Him. He is risen!

Easter Sunday services Peoria AZ