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"NOW I KNOW" - A bible study on Abraham from the Book of Genesis, faith in God

Now I know - a bible teaching on abraham

This Bible teaching on Abraham is from the story and study of the man that the Bible calls “the father of faith.” We are going to consider the defining moments of Abraham’s faith in God. We will answer the questions surrounding his faithfulness to God in those defining moments, and how he learned to righteously fear and trust God – culminating in his final test in what historic Hebraic tradition calls the “The Aqedah or, The Binding.”

We are going to find both the historical and Biblical context, as well as present-day applications from the timeline of Abraham’s life and sojourning as it is chronicled by the Book of Genesis, chapters twelve through twenty-two. In the historical and Biblical context of these passages, we will pursue further understanding and revelation as to why Abraham made right and righteous choices in certain faith-defining moments. And yet, while in other equally defining circumstances, he would make some of his most questionable and troubling decisions.

Our pursuit of contextualizing the life and journey of an ancient Biblical character for present-day use will be strategic in that the faith-defining moments of Abraham’s life will provide us a timeless and proven template for helping us to develop and build our own faith. We will learn how to make faithful and unquestionable decisions in defining moments of faith, while also giving us a deep-dive understanding of what it means for us today in real-time to maintain and display a righteous fear and trust in the Almighty God in the most critically defining moments of our life.


In This Bible Teaching on Abraham...

We will also answer the big questions such as:
What are the differences if any, between having faith in God and becoming faithful to God?


  • What exactly is a faith-defining moment?
  • How do I know when I’m in one of those moments?
  • What does my faithfulness have to do with the outcomes of those moments?
  • What does it mean to righteously fear the Lord?
  • What is the relative connection between fearing the Lord and trusting the Lord?
  • How does fearing and trusting, impact our faith in God and our faithfulness to God?


So, off we go in pursuit of the Spirit’s revelation and a Biblical understanding of our faith, faithfulness, and learning to righteously fear and trust the Lord in the most “outcome determining” moments of our lives. Even now, those moments are before us.


Dr. Stephen Isaac
The Reunion Church
Fully Equipped Bible Institute

Scripture References for the Bible Teaching on Abraham

…Now I Know
(Faith, Faithfulness, and Learning to Righteously Fear and Trust God)


Week One
The Historical and Biblical Timeline for Abraham’s Faith-defining Moments

Genesis 12:1-3
God tells Abraham to leave his homeland and family to be a stranger in the land of Canaan.

Genesis 12:10-13
Immediately after Abraham’s arrival in Canaan – Negeb (the land of Promise), he encounters a famine.

Genesis 12:14-20
The Egyptians seize his beloved wife, Sarah, and bring her to Pharaoh.

Genesis 14:1-24
Abraham faces incredible odds in the battle of the four and five kings.

Genesis 16:1-15
He marries Hagar after not being able to have children with Sarah.

Genesis 17:1-14
God tells Abraham to circumcise himself at an advanced age.

Genesis 20:1-18
The king of Gerar captures Sarah, intending to take her for himself.

Genesis 21:1-14
God tells Abraham to send Hagar away after having a child with her.

Genesis 21:15-21
Abraham’s son, Ishmael, becomes estranged.

Genesis 22:1-19
God tells Abraham to sacrifice his dear son Isaac upon an altar.


To watch the entire Bible teaching on Abraham, join live every Sunday morning at 10:30 am MST at our non-denominational Christian church in Peoria AZ.  You can watch via livestream on Facebook or YouTube – just click on the link below.


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